Week 4 – Do The Work!


  1. I love it Keith ! Seems to me like you do the work 🙂
    I find looking for shapes and colors the most powerful exercise so far because it keeps my mind and thoughts perpetualy on my DMP and PPN’s. My mind doesn’t get a chance to drift off and have meaningless thoughts, I enjoy it a lot !

  2. GREAT post, Keith! and haha, those little ‘coincidences’ like that bumper-sticker…. isn’t it wonderful how we create our own guide-lines along the line when we are truly dedicated and focussed…. you are doing AWESOME, man! 🙂

    1. Thanks Alexandre. Yep it was a tough process for me, but I was determined to get it done. Shapes are still quite the challenge for me so I continue to intentionally look for them. But, it is getting easier and easier to remember to look for them which means change is happening :-). Finally got my DMP completed and approved. Totally pumped about that!! The more I read other people’s blogs the more I realize this experience although different for everyone is the same in many ways as we all face our own unique challenges and struggles.

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