Week #20 – Kind Of Like Running


  1. oh I LOVE that metaphor of the wind blowing in your face being your old blue-print!
    come to think of that, that’s something we can develop even further… how the wind is ‘sculpting’ us, how we also can choose to use it’s power to refine us (think grit, and how fear, anger, and so on can actually helping us), maybe also how we can choose to ‘play with the wind’, changing angles and see how it ‘hits’ then, and so on…. really beautiful metaphor, full of energy.

  2. Love how you were able to use tools and see the results so fast. I’d been nursing a back injury (used to run long distances once upon a time myself 🙂 And I’ve just started these pt-like exercises a few months ago to retrain my body, which, are as basic as you can get. I’m not there yet, but it occurred to me one day while doing them, that they are just like with the notecards, something very little/simple that seems like its doing nothing, builds upon itself, and builds upon itself, and one day something is just different

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