Week #14 – Rudy


  1. spot on! indeed you never know how or on how many or when your journey will have an impact, nor how far that ripple-effect spreads, but THAT your persistence in doing the work is going to have an impact not only for you is for SURE!

  2. Great post Keith!
    I have heard of this movie, and didn’t watch it for this assignment, (my Fiancee plays semi-pro football for the Phoenix Outlaws here in AZ and would be disappointed that I didn’t) but your description of how it has inspired you and continues to was moving! It sounds like you know where you want to go and that you are clearly on your way. Reading that change can be right around the corner and we just don’t know it reminded me of Og and one step at a time and that maybe on the thousandth step change happens, or maybe we take one more step, but as long as we keep moving forward we will conquer! Good luck!

    1. Thanks for your kind words Kami! I certainly didn’t do the movie justice in my writing – watch it and you too will love it and be inspired by it :-).

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