Week #12 – 40 Years & Beyond!


  1. Hi Keith – this post on 40 years and beyond reminded me of a book I read some years back and watched someone present it to some teenage inmates. The book is called, “Success for Teens,” and is by the Editors of the Success Foundation. When we walked into the room at the juvenile hall, the teenagers were sunk in their seats, did not make eye contact with us, and seemed to be very troubled, bored, and some had a very big ATTITUDE. When the speaker began presenting the concepts of the book, I began to think we were wasting our time. However, after Steve talked about the four points from chapter 1 (Little things matter, Knowing what to do isn’t the same thing as doing it, The Ripple Effect, Making the right choices at the right moment, and what success means) it became apparent he was speaking their language.

    In your last paragraph above, you said, “What we choose to do with that time is what we do control; the actions and steps we take today are what determine our future,” is so absolutely true. Bravo for a wonderfully written blog on your journey. I really enjoyed it, and enjoy talking with you on Marco Polo.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Paula! I am sure those kids were impacted in some way. Perhaps something that helps them make better decisions now, or a seed planted that will grow in the future. It sounds like a great book to read even at the age of 50; it’s going on my list – Thanks! 🙂

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